The climb of the Sinai Mt.

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"Even if you’re not religious, the chance to do a night time hike up this mountain, using torches, with the Bedouin people walking around with their camels, it’s still an experience to behold"

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  1. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: An outstanding image - I think I look at it now for the 5th time and will probably keep coming back to it. As a print it for sure will look gorgeous.
  2. beanow (Homepage) wrote: ow! wow! wow! Faaaabulous image! Really masterly!
  3. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Me gusta el efecto que has logrado con la gente, parecen fantasmas. Saludos.
  4. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: You managed to capture a very biblical feel to this. Great movement.
  5. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This looks very biblical. Beautiful image!
  6. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Great lighting and a beautiful, dreamy scene. Really fascinating!
  7. Framed and Shot (Homepage) wrote: Great image, the dof and the soft blur gives it a bit of mystery.
  8. Agnès (Homepage) wrote: Such a unique experience and shot as well. Superbly captured, Paolo!! Bravo!
  9. Benjamin Madison (Homepage) wrote: Splendid photo. Very subtle lighting and color.
  10. Guido (Homepage) wrote: I hope a good experience also for you!
  11. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Da lasciare senza parole, davvero!
  12. wardy (Homepage) wrote: Wow - beautiful shot! Must have been a great experience!
  13. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! Amazing beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing the experience. WOW!
  14. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Fantastica luce.
  15. Frida (Homepage) wrote: A magical picture. It shows the atmosphere of the evening.
  16. pernilla (Homepage) wrote: Amazing shot! Wonderful light and tones.
  17. Pavan Kaul (Homepage) wrote: This is a stunning picture...I love the depth, scale and the light in the hut...the motion is awesome...great work!
  18. grant (Homepage) wrote: stunning shot, very powerful.
  19. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wow this scene makes my heart ache with a mystical feeling
  20. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Now this is a great shot.

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