toadstool hypnosis

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  1. Ion P. (Homepage) wrote: lovely texture ...A+
  2. P:DEeK (Homepage) wrote: ordinary thing look special through your lens. nice colour & pattern.
  3. angie (Homepage) wrote: beautiful color. the pleat-work adds it's own layer of texture, too.
  4. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: Super, super cool. Love it in very, very big on the wall.
  5. Miss B (Homepage) wrote: wonderful work!!
  6. alvaro (Homepage) wrote: Beauty is in the simpliest images. Love the fabric texture.
  7. Miro at (Homepage) wrote: Nice abstract again
  8. Pierre (Homepage) wrote: Let the curtain fall. Interesting image, Gives association to theater.
  9. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Original y creativa, has creado una textura muy luminosa!
  10. grant (Homepage) wrote: toadstool hypnosis - exactly! very cool shot.
  11. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: very beautiful image - very creative look
  12. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Excellent! The drape is wonderful, all these gradients. SwissCharles
  13. AC (Homepage) wrote: Like the delicate color in the snap. It's a very creative idea and I like how you've captured the folds and creases.
  14. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: yeah i probably would have taken pictures of curtains, but i don't have any curtains in my house lol... great shots, is this really a toadstool???
  15. JJ (Homepage) wrote: what a cool abstract,
  16. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: What lovely pink pleats you have. New dress? :)
  17. Peety (Homepage) wrote: Such a soft and pretty photo.
  18. Florence (Homepage) wrote: What a lovely pink abstract...
  19. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Great shot. And dammit, my post tonight is going to be similar. It was inspired by "barcode". Like the shadows to the left and highlights to the right.

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