early morning show

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  1. Irena Shengelia wrote: Just like my beach, beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  2. soco (Homepage) wrote: precioso paisaje
  3. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shot! I love the composition and the tones are suit this so well. Very serene and calm.
  4. Alejandra (Homepage) wrote: Love the beautiful colors. Very nice capture!
  5. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Oh, to be at the beach. I love the sea. Unfortunately I'm in a state that's landlocked:-) This is so serene.
  6. Al (Homepage) wrote: Great set of colors that sets the mood of this shot!
  7. don (Homepage) wrote: I'm impressed with the smooth, subtle color cast over the picture. The sun, too, is subdued. Altogether this makes the shot unusual and very appealing. A strong photo!
  8. tom (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful! A show repeating each morning, but most of the time we will miss it because we sleep (this is at least true for me :-))
  9. Sobral (Homepage) wrote: Quante belle foto hai pubblicato in questi ultimi giorni! Belle, davvero belle. Complimenti! Bye
  10. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: Bella, com'era quella battuta, "dolce soffrire per belli apparire"? A che ora l'hai scattata (questa la parte del soffrire...) ?
  11. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Just a sliver of sunrise. Love the soft colors. Perfect!

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