Garfagnana's ridges

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  1. Sebastian (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful colors and light !!!
  2. Tero (Homepage) wrote: I like these layered, blue landscapes. There is quite a lot haze, but I think that it is the haze and the blue tones that really makes this picture stand out!
  3. Cuentos (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful place. The nature is surprising. Very good photo. Saludos, Mariana N C
  4. Daniel (Homepage) wrote: de toute beauté bravo!
  5. Gino Caron (Homepage) wrote: Wow, that's the kind of picture I like a lot. Beautiful!!!
  6. GPM (Homepage) wrote: This place is situated in Garfagnana, Italy. It is a land placed in the Tuscan countryside, (Lucca is its Province). I love this place because it was my favourite take off area (this mountain is called Pania di Corfino) with my paraglide. thank you for visit , and see you soon. Paolo
  7. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: great simple landscape view. very picturialist, graphic. Where is it ?

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